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Getting Started
Getting Started

Here we cover the basics on how the platform works. How to setup your community and everything in between. 

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Getting Started

Find Out The Procedure To Apply For A Cash App Refund

Firstly, you should go to the ‘Activity’tab and then tap on the Payment you want to get a refund for. Next, you should tap on the three dots and opt for the ‘Refund’ option by tapping on it. Hereafter, you... (More)

Getting Started

Adept techniques to unlock cash app account.

Most of the people using digital payment app such as cash app have no information about the adept techniques when they have to unlock cash app account. At that time, they lose their calmness and could reach the working... (More)

Getting Started
Product Manager at Tribe

Yours to Customize

You can customize the look and feel of this community to match your branding Within the admin panel, you can:

  • 🎨 Define your primary color and secondary color.
  • 💫 You can upload your logo and fav icon.
  • 👓 You ca... (More)
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